3 märts 2021
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Could this be the end of That Vegan Teacher? I simply can't believe it.
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In todays video THE END OF THAT VEGAN TEACHER (LMTH) we look at that vegan teacher and why she got shut down off tiktok, her tiktok account got shut down and I am very upset about it because I love thatveganteacher her tiktoks are so funny and hilarious. She also has other accounts on tik tok like that vegan nurse that also got taken down from tiktok. I have made videos in the past on that vegan teacher such as INTERNET’S MOST ANNOYING VEGAN and THAT VEGAN TEACHER IS BACK, so if you want to watch another video about thatveganteacher / thatvegannurse then watch those videos they are very awesome.

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  • This women is batshit crazy

    Dr_xxDr_xx2 tundi tagasi
  • Im just waiting for soulja boi to get rko'd.

    BeanzBeanz7 tundi tagasi
  • this lady defiantly smokes weed and sniffs cocaine

    BlackKid chadBlackKid chad14 tundi tagasi
  • I asked my american friend to name a continent and he said "Texas"

    fearful_show034fearful_show03421 tund tagasi
  • game?

    exerxyexerxy21 tund tagasi
  • I hate her

    Nicolas FargnoliNicolas Fargnoli23 tundi tagasi

    WilbyWilbyPäev tagasi
  • Me eating bacon whilst watching this: :p

    fin838 hifin838 hiPäev tagasi
  • Killing and eating animals is nature

    sewdyersewdyerPäev tagasi
  • Next lmth

    MeMe2 päeva tagasi
  • I love animals but I'm a alpha predator

    NightmareNightmare2 päeva tagasi

    TheGamingGooseTheGamingGoose2 päeva tagasi
  • I would totally watch Randy fold Soulja.

    GenericNameGenericName3 päeva tagasi
  • I was legit watching this while eating meat

    GoodPotatoGoodPotato3 päeva tagasi
  • Tiktok: Takes down innocent videos and anything to do with BLM, LGBT and stuff like that. Also tiktok: Keeps up videos that are very clearly borderline child pornography or is definitely child pornography.

    Chris MorrisonChris Morrison3 päeva tagasi
  • I have thought What will happen if the vegan teacher is the president,u ANSWER

    Dimitar BoskovskiDimitar Boskovski4 päeva tagasi
  • Excuse everything else. What the hell is that game?

    poopmanlolkbyepoopmanlolkbye5 päeva tagasi
  • wow she's pretty sexist by saying boys why can't it be be people not a specific gender

    Daddy ChanDaddy Chan5 päeva tagasi
  • Vegan teacher: why did you ban my account for being vegan? TikTok: we banned you because you harassed a 16-year-old (Tommyinnit), saying being gay is bad, harassing teachers and exploiting the death of George Floyd and putting his last words into a song, (and having the AUDACITY to put MORE lyrics into the song because a vegan died!), calling out fast food restaurants with an actual ear bleeding song (no joke my ears genuinely bled when I heard it) and being an all-round bastard Vegan teacher: I missed the part where that’s my problem

    Hurricane HD!Hurricane HD!5 päeva tagasi
  • It’s not the education system it’s 2000 kids

    Nerd LiftedNerd Lifted5 päeva tagasi
  • pov: u were eating your lasagna during this lull

    0coffe _0coffe _6 päeva tagasi
  • Literally sat here at 1:43am smashing a double cheeseburger thinking .... Bless her 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Leanne HunterLeanne Hunter6 päeva tagasi
  • Good

    xBlueWolfxBlueWolf6 päeva tagasi
  • what is the game he is playing called

    sherlock guntersherlock gunter6 päeva tagasi
  • anyone want pork?

    Piggy BoyPiggy Boy7 päeva tagasi
  • Plant eaters, not the smartest creatures on earth. XD Veganism is sick, it’s like a brainwash towards meat lovers, and they wants us to suffer because THEY chose THEIR way of life.

    Privateer BouncherPrivateer Bouncher7 päeva tagasi
  • Her: I’m an animal rights activist Also her: *doesn’t give her dog it’s necessary nutrients needed for it to survive and develop*

    D&MCG GamingD&MCG Gaming7 päeva tagasi
    • Yea, her dog should be taken awayy from her

      lava lava catlava lava cat3 päeva tagasi
  • hey georgie poo, i would just like to say that the reason i don’t like that vegan teacher is the threats that she gives little impressionable children. she is also trying to force me, a disabled teen who needs proteins from meats and other non vegan foods to LIVE. and she is trying to force people like i to turn to vegan. luckily i know my medical history and what’s best for me very well and i stand up for things that are not right but i know not all people are like me. so i made the decision to stand up for said people. i hope you won’t travel to canada to murder me. i have been a fan for many of years. love from Madeline

    Spicy SantaSpicy Santa7 päeva tagasi
  • PLANTS DONT FEEL PAIN, this girl is on co******* this tik tok hurts my brain you and yoda look the same

    svenit0svenit07 päeva tagasi
  • Thank god

    TTV LukeKTM44TTV LukeKTM447 päeva tagasi
  • Bruhh the reason she was banned is because she sexually harassed Tommuinnit, a 16 year old youtuber

    giamakis mgiamakis m8 päeva tagasi
  • Tik Tok is so Shit it is criminal

    Zander Plays TVZander Plays TV8 päeva tagasi
  • POV: ur looking for soulja boys comment

    Chōji AkimichiChōji Akimichi8 päeva tagasi
  • Love your content man, pretty funny. Keep up the good work

    brady talarskibrady talarski9 päeva tagasi
  • I was watching and an ad all about meat poped up!🤣🤣🤣

    RealUnbeatableRealUnbeatable10 päeva tagasi
  • 5:27 Bruh. There is a female one. Wht they changing his name?

    Brain SpiderBrain Spider10 päeva tagasi
  • i don't get why going vegan will save animals, it's just making food go to waste, they are still dying so make their death be useless

    Rift Time StudiosRift Time Studios10 päeva tagasi
  • I reported her for animal cruelty 😂

    Haza VS GamesHaza VS Games11 päeva tagasi
  • Ngl the Mr Potato head shit was dumb

    Yh YhYh Yh12 päeva tagasi
    • Ikr. They made a female one so damn long ago. Also how tf is a toy made for 3 year olds deemed sexist/gender bias for being male. That's like me saying "wtf is wrong with MrMen it's named after a male!"

      Brain SpiderBrain Spider10 päeva tagasi
  • what's that game called? it looks sick

    saggy eggsaggy egg12 päeva tagasi

    Gaming EngineGaming Engine12 päeva tagasi
  • What’s that game your playing

    ScarloScarlo13 päeva tagasi
  • i watched this while eating chicken nuggets.

    Lexi McCarterLexi McCarter13 päeva tagasi
  • SpongeBob: *Sweet Victory*

    Lord WoodyLord Woody13 päeva tagasi
  • EEworld work work!!

    Ham BuggaHam Bugga14 päeva tagasi
  • Yay!

    Dave KitzmillerDave Kitzmiller14 päeva tagasi
  • Like her or not she is spitting some (iron deficient) facts

    TitaninoTitanino14 päeva tagasi
  • I google the vegan teacher its still exiest 😱😱😱😱😱

    Milan BiroMilan Biro15 päeva tagasi
  • She can go on triller, hardly anybody's on there, I had it for a day and deleted it because it's pretty awful

    De-Irish-HitmanDe-Irish-Hitman15 päeva tagasi
  • The answer is simple #VTT spread the word of the vegan teacher takedown

    TJM SimulationTJM Simulation16 päeva tagasi
  • What video game is he playing?

    ColeCole16 päeva tagasi
    • @Master Chief 117 you are a hero

      Roswaal l MathersRoswaal l Mathers4 päeva tagasi
    • Rain world

      Master Chief 117Master Chief 11713 päeva tagasi
  • LMAFO finally she’s gone Gordon Ramsay is the winner

    DJ NeonWolfDJ NeonWolf16 päeva tagasi
    • She's a vegan donut, we all know vegan donuts have lower HP than Gordon Ramsay

      lava lava catlava lava cat3 päeva tagasi
  • We do just enjoy fucking with people

    YourBoy NixYourBoy Nix16 päeva tagasi
  • Why were animals even made then huh vega teacher you want me to have a pet bear or pet wolf like she is so stupid

    ErickaEricka17 päeva tagasi
  • Wonder when she will cancel Whales for being the biggest animals on earth. And are also Carnivorous

    FusionCarnoGamingFusionCarnoGaming17 päeva tagasi
  • Yeeeeeeeeeees yeah I’m so glad yeeees I’m so happy

    GrayFox ZRGrayFox ZR17 päeva tagasi
  • Hi memeulos I aspire to be like you I have no content it's just dry music but I'm trying to get into commentary any tips?

    phantom thievephantom thieve18 päeva tagasi
  • What’s that game

    IcegtyIcegty18 päeva tagasi
  • LMO

    Dom VelDom Vel18 päeva tagasi
  • We don’t want no beef from the vegan teacher 😂

    Pickle man RugbyPickle man Rugby18 päeva tagasi
  • Basically. She told someone that their religion was wrong for not letting them be vegan. She also basically compared eating animals to slavery.

    ShortyOnFilmShortyOnFilm18 päeva tagasi
  • I think she trynna make som Propaganda

    reinuwader XDreinuwader XD19 päeva tagasi
  • Hey what's the game in the background?

    Casual FLÜÜFY_NESCasual FLÜÜFY_NES20 päeva tagasi
  • I'd pay for the PPV if soulja boy fought Randy Orton

    DriplexityDriplexity20 päeva tagasi
  • eating a fucking burger while watching this

    cato brockmanncato brockmann20 päeva tagasi
  • I stg if I hear one more person talk about her I’m gonna lose it who fucking cares

    ab raab ra20 päeva tagasi
  • I always thought LMTH meant Let me touch him/her.

    Builder DahomeyBuilder Dahomey20 päeva tagasi
  • what's george playing in the background?

    Ibrahim Jawad SyedIbrahim Jawad Syed20 päeva tagasi
  • wait is memeulous just pyrocynical?

    CADE GUIDRYCADE GUIDRY21 päev tagasi
  • I just got an arby's ad while that vegan teacher was talking

    anastacia palmaanastacia palma21 päev tagasi
  • Who is this vegan teacher? Can someone inform me.

    Jole TarisJole Taris21 päev tagasi
  • EEworld’s good side is full of sensible people

    SmolFishHoSmolFishHo21 päev tagasi
  • Nobody: Me, who already got confused by the game he was playing in the background: ©•©

    NezukoNezuko22 päeva tagasi
  • at 2:10 she said that it wouldn't be long before ppl go after other animal rights activists, while she's the only one causing problems...

    Your badanimatorYour badanimator22 päeva tagasi
  • i am a vegan, but jesus this lady is insane. . .

    Gaming KittyGaming Kitty22 päeva tagasi
  • Btw those videos of Americans not being able to say 5 countries don’t show the many other people they asked actually naming five countries. As a 14 year old and still in school I can tell you I am confused by how people are not able to answer simple questions like that when I am having it drilled into me. Bruh not a single one of my friends or even anyone I know would ever get that question wrong. They only show the few idiots that get the question wrong, not the many that get it right. It pisses me off when people in other parts of the world act like they know what they’re talking about when they say Americans are idiots.

    Thecoolboy270 OdndnfThecoolboy270 Odndnf22 päeva tagasi
  • I got one off the posters it’s actually so poggers

    Jamie ThompsonJamie Thompson22 päeva tagasi
  • I don’t know why she thinks being a vegan is so good it’s the food chain the animals we eat probably aren’t vegans they eat most likely eat other animals so she just needs to shut up and look at her self

    POV dylanPOV dylan22 päeva tagasi
  • game?

    bossmanbossman23 päeva tagasi

    EugeneEugene23 päeva tagasi
  • Maybe she has got the word “Piñata” confused for “Hinata” from Naruto.

    Jennifer DeanJennifer Dean24 päeva tagasi
  • I've been spamming her EEworld channel with links of how burgers are made.

    Mia santiniMia santini24 päeva tagasi
  • I wonder what would happen if she was at a dinner party.

    totally my dogtotally my dog24 päeva tagasi
  • She probably has Dementia.

    Definitely HumanDefinitely Human24 päeva tagasi
  • Cat isnt vegan they eat tuna

    XentenzXentenz24 päeva tagasi
  • So shes asking the world why she is getting so much hate when she hitting on every group of people on this world?

    B̶͎̀A̴̖̒N̷̛̙D̶͊ͅḮ̴̻T̵̹͗B̶͎̀A̴̖̒N̷̛̙D̶͊ͅḮ̴̻T̵̹͗25 päeva tagasi
  • Her: You feel good that I’m not on tiktok LITERALLY EVERYONE: we don’t hate you because you’re vegan it’s because YOU BULLY CHILDREN

    Chloe FieldChloe Field25 päeva tagasi
  • she was openly homophobic and damned anyone to hell who wasnt vegan

    JHOWARD 0192JHOWARD 019225 päeva tagasi
    • I would be scared of her if I wouldn't know that she is just a skeleton and can be fold together like a piece of paper xd

      B̶͎̀A̴̖̒N̷̛̙D̶͊ͅḮ̴̻T̵̹͗B̶͎̀A̴̖̒N̷̛̙D̶͊ͅḮ̴̻T̵̹͗25 päeva tagasi
  • Bugger off u were the one attacking the teenage boys you dip. Vegan teacher is actually a disgrace

    DJ PenguinDJ Penguin25 päeva tagasi
  • i luv u

    b-blrrbb-blrrb25 päeva tagasi
  • Game

    Darkboi The other part of the nameDarkboi The other part of the name25 päeva tagasi
  • I’m gonna tell my brother who loves WWE that Randy orton is fighting Soulja boy XD

    •El & Ellen_productions ••El & Ellen_productions •25 päeva tagasi
  • Mmmmm.... I would love a leg of lam right now🍖

    Im TiredIm Tired25 päeva tagasi
  • ఠ_ఠ

    pro boypro boy25 päeva tagasi
  • The pinata was a fucking UNICORN. Did she not get the memo that they're not animals, because they don't exist??

    nataschanatascha27 päeva tagasi
  • im cute jenna

    Bloxy weeklyBloxy weekly27 päeva tagasi
  • I really hate it how she said the "Teenage Boys" are harassing people, OH YES the common stereotype that all boys are savage monsters especially if they are teens

    KaiserCzechCheeseKaiserCzechCheese27 päeva tagasi
  • Is it bad that i was eating haribos while laughing at the vegan teacher

    KuzKuz28 päeva tagasi
  • The only problem with the dumb vegan old woman is that humans are animals and she wants animal rights so I am using my rights to eat a hamburger

    Dark_s4muraiDark_s4murai28 päeva tagasi
  • if only you knew, shes back on two accounts

    Terrier Of BluebellsTerrier Of Bluebells29 päeva tagasi